Crocheting in rows

Crocheting in rows is done by working back and forth, turning the work at each row.
It starts with a chain, foundation on which will second row stitches will be worked.
On the right side, a chain stitch looks like a “v”.

To crochet into a chain, there are several methods. You can insert your hook under both legs of the v, or under the bump on wrong side, or under a bump and half a v of foundation chain.
Unless the pattern states otherwise, the next rows will be crocheted under both legs of the “v”.

This is the wrong side bump :

As a beginner you may find it hard to make the right amount of stitches and straight edges. When what was to be a rectangle turns into a parallelepiped, it means you’ve added or skipped stitches !

Because it’s hard to see, the last stitch often is the one skipped. To avoid that I recommend counting stitches on each rows to make sure there is the right amount.

Don’t panic :
with time you’ll get used to seeing and understanding your stitches and you won’t need to count anymore as much  !

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