{ supplies } 

To start learning crochet you will need -obviously – yarn (wool, cotton, acrylic …) and a hook size consistent with this thread. Have a look on the band of the ball to know which hook or needle size is recommended. Depending on your project, the indications of the pattern, or the way you crochet (loose or tight) you may need to use a different size.

As a beginner, it is better to rely on the indications of the ball or the pattern you’ve chosen because you will not be able to determine if your tension is looser, just right or tighter only before the gesture has become quite automatic. Also, it is better to use big enough a hook to see what is done (pick a size between 4 and 7), and a round thread that will not duplicate, like mercerized cotton.

You will need small equipment as well : scissors, yarn needles, pins, measuring tape, stitch markers … Wire and jewelry pliers may be needed for sculptural projects.

{ how to hold a crochet hook ? } 

Finding the more comfortable way to hold the hook to you, and the way to hold the thread as to maintain even tension probably is the most difficult step in learning crochet. There are different ways of holding a crochet hook, it can be very personnal but here are the most common 2 :

as a pen

as a knife

The tip of the crochet hook must be turned slightly toward you, not facing up or down.  It should be held firmly, but it should still be comfortable. At first you will be finding yourself gripping tightly but your hand will relax with time. If not, maybe you’ll have to experiment some more to find you own way to hold your hook.

Right-handed people : hold the hook in the right hand, and the thread in the left hand.
Left handed people : do the opposite.

{ crochet terms } 

Chain : a looped stitches resembling the links of a chain

Yarn over : action de passer le fil d’arrière en avant par-dessus le crochet après ou avant de piquer dans une maille.

Turn : when finishing a row, turn your work from right to left

Loop :  this is what is on your crochet after you’ve yarned over and pulled thread through your work.

Increase : adding of one or several stitches on a row

Decrease : removing of one or several stitches on a row

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