Crochet basket pattern – beginner level

As a beginner you’ll probably want to start with small projects, that’s why I suggest this pattern that combines simplicity and usefulness : a small basket to store all your little stuff!

My basket is really tiny : it measures 8.5 cm in diameter and 6 cm high. I made it with mercerized cotton thread supposed to be crocheted with a  3.00mm hook, which I doubled and crocheted with a 4.00mm hook to get a sturdy fabric.

To make a larger basket, you can choose a bigger thread(and  choose accordingly the size of your hook ), and / or add rounds to the bottom.

In this pattern, the bottom is made from rounds 1 to 7. To widen it, you should keep distributing  6 increases evenly on each new turn. Once you reach the diameter you want, stop increasing and crochet a row in the back loops only. Then, crochet as usual, inserting hook through both loops  until you reach the desired height.

Is that okay for you ? Let’s go!

{ crochet basket }

To make this pattern you’ll need to know how to :


R : round
MR  : magic ring
ch : chain
sl st : slip stitch
sc : single crochet
inc : increase
st(s) : stitch(es)
BLO : work in the back loops only
FO : fasten off


R1 : MR6
R2 : inc around (12)
R3 : *1sc, inc*x6 (18)
R4 : *2sc, inc*x6 (24)
R5 : *3sc, inc*x6 (30)
R6 : *4sc, inc*x6 (36)
R7 :*5sc, inc* x6 (42)
R8 :  BLO : sc around (42)
R9 -10 : sc around (42)

Change color

R11-15 : sc around (42)
R16 : 7sc, 6ch, skip next 6 sts, 15c, 6ch, skip next 6 sts, 8sc (42)
R17 : 7sc, 8sc in the chain-6 space, 15sc, 8sc in the chain-6 space, 8sc . (46)

FO, weave in ends.

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