Hortense the jellyfish, a tribute amigurumi pattern

After I made several octopuses after Maria Hvolbek ‘s pattern, I wanted to give them some jellyfish friends. This is how Hortense was born.
Idea : Hortense is very social : make her a few friends and turn them into a mobile for a child !

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{ Hortense The Jellyfish }


Yarn : 2 colors of Phildar’s Coton 3 (sport weight)
2.5mm hook
6mm safety eyes
yarn or tapestry needle

HEAD ( with blue yarn)

R1 : MR 6
R2 : inc around (12)
R3 : *1sc, inc*x6 (18)
R4 : *2sc, inc*x6 (24)
R5 : *3sc, inc*x6 (30)
R6 : *4sc, inc*x6 (36)
R7-8 : sc around (36)
R9 : *5sc, inc*x6 (42)
R10-11 : sc around (42)
R12 : *6sc,inc* x6 (48)
R13 : sc around (48)
R14 : FLO *skip 1st, [5hdc], sk 1st, 1slst* x12 (72)

FO, insert safety eyes between R10&11, spaced by 8sts.

BASE AND TENTACLES (with blue and yellow yarn)

R1 : MR 6
R2 : inc around (12)
R3 : BLO *1sc, inc*x6 (18)
On left unworked sts of R2, make 3 tentacles :
ch49, turn, 26sc, 10hdc,12dc, ch1, turn, 12dc, 10 hdc, 26sc.

FO, and change color to yellow.

Fold the tentacle and single crochet accross the side up to the base.
Slst in next front loop, cut yarn and hide ends.
Skip 2 sts, make a 2nd tentacle, skip 2sts, and make the 3rd tentacle.

R4 : *2sc, inc* x6 (24)
R5 : *3sc, inc* x6 (30)
R6 : *4sc, inc* x6 (36)
R7 : *5sc, inc* x6 (42)
R8 : *6sc, inc* x6 (48)

FO, leave long tail for sewing.


Embroider little cheeks with pink yarn.
Start sewing the base to the back loops left unworked on R14 of the head, stuff as you go.

Rare Photo d’une méduse en plein bain de soleil.

Sombrero is part of my Mexican Cactus pattern.




Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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